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Master Batch


Arirang Chemical goes hand in hand with plastics industries and processing operations as a leading supplier of color masterbatch
in granule, dry blend and liquid form.

Utilizing our innovative chemical know-how and technological strength, we provide a wide range of standard and tailor-made high-performance wp-content/themes/loc/images for a variety of applications: automotive, packaging, construction, household, fibers, sports & leisure etc.

Black Masterbatch

Grade Carrier Carbon Black content (%) Application
MBK-716 LD + LLDPE 35 Film, Injection
MBK-750 LD + LLDPE 40 Film, Injection, Extrusion, General purpose
MBK-751 LD + HDPE 26 Injecton, Blow film, Economic grade
MBK-752 LDPE 30 High dispersion,Shopping bag, High end quality
MBK-722 LDPE 35 Yarn, Injection, Woven bag, Agricultural film, Foam, Lamination, Sheet
MBK-763 PE + PP 28 Yarn, Injection, Woven bag
White Masterbatch

Grade Carrier Tio2 Contents (%) Application Characteristics
MWD-1501 PE 50 Shopping bag Anatase type
MWD-1601 PE 60 Shopping bag Anatase type
MWD-1701 PE 70 Shopping bag Anatase type, High Concentration
MWD-1502 PE 50 Film Rutile type
MWD1602 PE 60 Film ,General purpose Good dispersion, Rutile
MWD-1702 PE 70 Film, High quality Twin 2EX, Good dispersion, Rutile
MWD-1401 PET 40 PET Bottle Rutile
MWD-1503 PE 50 PP Woven bag Twin 2EX, Good dispersion
Anatase & Rutile
MWD-1603 PE 60 T-die, PE & PP Lamination Coating Twin 2EX, Good dispersion
MWP-1601 PP 60 T-die, PP lamination Coating Twin 2EX, Excellent dispersion
Minium 14㎛ Coating Available, Rutile
Color Masterbatch
Application & Carrier resin compare table

Carrier resin
Film Injection Moulding Blow Moulding Extrusion Coating Spin dyeing Raffia Crate Cable
HDPE   O O       O  
PP O O O O O O    
ABS, SAN, PS   O   O        
PET O O O O        
Application with Carrier resin table

Application Carrier resin Usage(%) Appiication Characteristics
Film PE, PP 3~10 Industrial, Lamination
agricultural, CPP, OPP
High dispersion, Low neck-in
Thermal stability
Injection PE, PP, PS, ABS 1~5 Food packing, Bottle cap
Automobile, Household, Crates
Blow Moulding PE, PP, PET 1~5 Cosmetics container
Bottle, Stadium chair
Flowability, Highstiffness
Smooth surface
Film PE, PP 1~5 Shopping bag Good bubble stability
Extrusion  PE, PP, PS, PET 1~5 Sheet, Pipe, Band, Tube
Corrugated box
Good heat sealing, Flowability
Coating / Lamination PE 3~6 Tarpaulin, flexible packaging High dispersion, Heat sealing
Thermal stability, adhesiveess
Cable PE 2~5 Cables Processability
Excellent electric properties
Foam EVA, PE 1~5 Automobile, Packing,
General foam
Flowability, High stiffness
Smooth surface
Yarn PE, PP 1~5 Rope, fishing net
non woven bag, Carpet
High strength, good dispersion

Functional Masterbatch
UV Stabilizer Masterbatch
Exposure to sunlight and some artificial lights can have adverse effects on the useful life of plastic wp-content/themes/loc/images because UV radiation can break down the chemical bonds in a polymer. It ultimately causes cracking, chalking, color changes and the loss of physical properties.To counteract the damaging effect of UV light, Arirang UV masterbatch is used to solve the degradation problems associated with exposure to sunlight.

Name Carrier TiO2 Contents (%) Application Characteristics
MUD-0101 PE 15 Injection, film, exrusion, cable, outdoor plastic UV Stabilizer
MUP-0201 PP 20 PP lope, injection UV Stabilizer
UV Absorber Masterbatch

The Arirang UV absorber Masterbatch has conjugated organic systems which “absorb” UV radiation due to the double bonds within the molecules absorbing light energy in the UV region and re-emitting it in the IR region. These systems have the advantage that UV absorber can be used to protect whatever is being covered by the treated polymer as well as the polymer itself.
Anti Die Build up Masterbatch

Excessive die lip build-up has been an issue in the extrusion processes of blown film, fiber spinning, extrusion coating, blow molding, and wire and cable coating. Arirang’s Anti Die Build up Masterbatch removes the unwanted accumulation of material on the open face of extrusion dies, hence improves both the aesthetic quality and the properties of a product.
Anti-Blocking Masterbatch

The use of an antiblocking agent added masterbatch creates space between two plastic layers (surface roughness) preventing so-called blocking. Mostly anti-blocking agents are used in multilayer structure films in order to have the highest benefit.
Transparent Nucleating Masterbatch

This, so-called clarifiers, provide for accumulation of especially homogeneous and microcrystalline structures, so that in case of light absorption through thin finished parts there is no light scattering and consequently the transparency and surface brilliance are significantly increased.
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Flame Retardant Masterbatch

The primary goal of this masterbatch is to delay the ignition and burning of materials, allowing people more time to escape the affected area. A secondary consideration is to limit property damage.
Flame retardants masterbatches are applicable to homes and office buildings, cars and mass transit vehicles, furnishings, fibers, household appliances, and many other areas.
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Absorbent Masterbatch

Polystyrene combined with absorbent additives can effectively absorb water/bleed water from meat and fish which cause spoilage of the product. This masterbatch helps to keep the freshness of the product and the value of the foods for long time by removing leaking juice from meats and fish through specially constructed structure to absorb water.
Awarded KITECH President Prize in KOREA STAR AWARDS 2011
Odor Absorber Masterbatch

By binding malodor components, Arirang Odor Absorber Masterbatch can reduce malodor significantly while compatible to polyolefines and technical polymers.
Nucleating Agent (Talc) Masterbatch

Grade Carrier Tio2 Contents (%) Application Characteristics
MCD-0501 PE 50 Foam sheet Good dispersion,adding Tio2
MCD-0601 PE 60 Foam sheet Good dispersion,adding Tio2

Grade Carrier Tio2 Contents (%) Application Characteristics
AC-800 PE 80 Film, Injection
shopping bag
Good dispersion
AC-801 PE 80 Film, High quality Good dispersion, 2micron
Masterbatch for Band & Powder
PP Band
PET Bands
Foamed Bands
SR Yarns
Binder Yarns
PE Powder
PA Powder
Masterbatch for Injection Mold
Household Items
Industrial Items
Home Appliances
Automobile Pallets
Civil Works
Masterbatch for Yarn
PP Burlap Bags
Industrial Purpose
Household Items
Masterbatch for Blow
Foods Containers
Industrial Containers
Agricultural Containers
Multilayer Containers
Masterbatch for Pipe
Drain Pipes
Fiber Optic Cables
Gas Pipes
Conduit Tubes
Marine Structures
Pipes for Gas & Oil
Masterbatch for Sheet
Water proof Sheets
Agricultural Sheets
Interior Items
Vehicle Items
ABS Sheets
PC Sheets
Masterbatch for Film
PE Blow Film
PE Cast Film
PP Film
PU Film
PS Film
PA Film
PET Film
Hot Melt Film
Masterbatch for Foam
PE Crosslinking
PE Non-Crosslinking
PP Foaming
PS Tray Foaming
XPS Foaming
PVC Foaming
EVA Foaming
PU Foaming