Gravure Ink

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Arirang Chemical’s Gravure ink is used mainly for long runs of high quality multicolor printing. Also we highly recommend our wp-content/themes/loc/images for the purpose of where photographs are reproduced.


As OPP Film Printing Ink, COSMOS is :

• Vinyl, CPP, EVA resin base ink
• General printing for various typed of food packaging like Instant noodle, bread, snack, biscuit and carry bag. Etc.
• PP / PP extrusion coating, Dry Laminating

• Low residual solvent (LRS) and Non toluene ink are also available




COSPA can Treat PE film, paper and label, and PP & PE Woven bag as :

• Polyamide and N/C base ink
• Applicable for Corona treated PE, OPP, PE, MCPP film.
• Excellent gloss, Abrasion and Anti blocking


As PET & Nylon Film Printing Ink, COSPET is :

• PU and Vinyl resin base ink / Alcohol soluble (Toluene, MEK free).
• Applicable for Retort pouch, Frozen food packaging
• High pressure and temperature resistance required packaging
• 1 or 2 component system


As Shrinkable film printing ink, COSVIN is :

• Applicable SPVC, SPET,OPS and SPP film
• Vinyl and Acrylic base ink
• Excellent anti blocking resistance. Slip and Abrasion resistance as well.

Other special ink

Al-foil printing ink

• Polyamide and N/C resin base ink
• Medicine tablet, bottle label etc.
• Polyamide and N/C resin base ink
• Good abrasion, Heat resistance, NAOH soluble