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Arirang Chemical provide a variety of paint work including water-proofing, oil painting, water painting and tiling work for any facilities. We have completed more than 150 execution projects
in South and North Vietnam.

Solvent Epoxy

• Two component epoxy coating system applied 0.1~0.3mm thin film.
• Economical, Excellent Adhesion, High Abrasion, Good Chemical resistance.
• Ideal for general factory floor finish, Warehouse, Parking Lot, Steel structure coating.
Also available for Acid Proofing, Drinking water storage.

Non-Solvent Epoxy

• Two component solvent-free epoxy linning system applied 2~3mm thickness.
• Abrasion resistance, Hard wearing floor finish, Attractive enhances working    environment.
• Ideal for the area where the floor is subject to medium to heavy duty foot, trolly,
pallet truck, fork lift traffice. Laboratories, Clean room, warehouse, etc.

Resin Mortar

• Two component solvent free epoxy mixed with sand applied 3~10mm thickness.
• Excellent impact resistance, Chemical resistance, Abrasion, Outstanding durability.
• Suitable for Heavy duty foot area, Power plant, Mechanical room, Chemical factory,
Food manufacturing, Laboratories, Hospital operating room etc.


• Two component elastic polyurethane paint aplied 2~5mm thickness.
• Excellent water and weather resistance, Durability, Elastic floor finish, Non slip.
• Water proofing coating for building rooftop. Used on concrete, Block and brick that    required waterproof property. Non slip interior coating and sport facilities.